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Sweating Treatments

How you Can Stop Excessive Sweating.



Excessive sweating is one thing that makes someone very uncomfortable especially in social gatherings. Excessive sweating is also known as hyperhidrosis and it is caused by hygienic issues. On a daily basis people who suffer from excessive sweating face a lot of discomfitures. Excessive sweating makes a person lose confidence and self-esteem. The problem of excessive sweating poses a serious threat to personal and professional lives of the person who suffering from it.  As a result of the growing technology there a few effective ways that can be used to get rid of excessive sweating.


Excessive sweating can be eliminated by Iontophoresis methods or ways. For you to keep your body cool you should drink a lot of water so that you can be able to minimize your body temperatures. A person who is suffering from excessive sweating should carry a bottle of cold water even when they are traveling. Another natural way you can lose excess sweating is taking a cold shower because it helps in keeping the body cool. Also, you should not take too much stress, you should stay as calm as possible. The second way you can stop excessive sweating is by acupuncture. This is an ancient treatment that uses needless to clam or stimulates some key points on the body. This treatment causes calmness in the body leading to a dry condition.


Iontophoresis is another method that can be used to stop excessive sweating. One great disadvantage of this treatment is that it is very painful. With this method, you have to visit a practitioner after every four months and during the visit the affected person gets around 10- 20 shots of injection. The sweat glands are injected using a special serum that helps in normalizing the function of the sweat glands. Excessive sweating can be stopped by surgery. If a patient does not find any other method that works out for they can opt to go for a surgery.


This is a very expensive method and it should be considered once all other methods have failed. In this type of surgery, the patient anesthetized so that the functionality of the sweat gland is interrupted thus controlling the sweating. The surgery is known as endoscopic thoracic surgery and if it is not done properly it can cause serious threats to a person life. The best method of stopping excessive sweating is using the natural method. To understand more about hyperhidrosis, visit